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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good thing Obama Promised no Pork

Now lets remember that Obama promised that there would be NO PORK in the stimulus package -- nothing that wasn't absolutely necessary ... which apparently includes such things as:

Stimulus Brings Out City Wish Lists: Neon for Vegas, Harleys for Shreveport -
"Las Vegas, which by some accounts already glitters, wants $2 million for neon signs.
Boynton Beach, Fla., is looking for $4.5 million for an 'eco park' featuring butterfly gardens and gopher tortoises.
And Chula Vista, Calif., would like $500,000 to create a place for dogs to run off the leash.
Among entries on Lincoln's [Nebraska] list is a $3 million environmentally friendly clubhouse for a municipal golf course.

Some Proposed Projects
Location++++++Project___++++++++++++++++Cost+++++Jobs Created
Austin, Texas ++Building a 36-hole disc golf course $886,000 +++++4
Boynton Beach,
Fla.+++++++++Development of an "eco park"
++++++++++++with butterfly garden+++++++++$4.5 million__50
Virginia Beach,
Va.++++++++++Replacement tennis courts_____+$1.8 million++38
Shreveport, La.++Purchase of eight police-equipped
++++++++++++Harley-Davidson motorcycles++++$150,000+++++1
Chula Vista,
Calif.+++++++++Construction of a dog park++++++$500,000++++7

Actually the Shrevport, VA project would create 0 jobs, they just want new motorcycles for their police force ... and they would like them to be Harley's.

Isn't it nice to know that they are taking our money so seriously???

One mayor kind of summed it all up ... he said basically that his city didn't really need anything but it would make his town feel like the government cared.

If the government cared then they would stop taking our money for a bunch of foolishness to begin with!!!

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