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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hmm -- since the original posting of this I have noticed that the "photo" has changed from day to day which makes it rather inconsistant with the post -- apparently I accidentally copied a widget that is updating the Dow every hour, every day. Trust me -- it was pretty sad on the day this was supposed to have shown up ... not that the current look (close under 7900) isn't that much better.

Feb 12 1:02PM (original post)
Hope they fix Social Security in the next 10 yrs -- Because no one is going to have any of their 401K money left.

And most people have absolutely no say as to what stock their money goes into ... or if they are like my hubby's fund, they got to chose between a couple of 'bundled' stocks -- still, there isn't that much left there.

and to think this is BECAUSE of what Obama has been doing ....

He is NOT helping this situation.

Just give the money to the people and let US spend it -- that will spark the economy again ... not your stupid pet-projects.

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