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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Missed the Worm ...

but its really okay ....

Herrschner's (my 'crack' dealer ... that is my yarn enabler) had Red Heart Heart & Sole w/Aloe on sale in lots of colors -- $3.99/skein, just over 200 yds each.

Well I put a bunch in my cart yesterday when it first switched over ... and let it sit there waiting to see if Herrschner's was going to have there annual 'free shipping' valentine's gift for their shoppers ....

stupid move ....

by the time I figured out that it wasn't going to be coming today ... and got back to my shopping cart -- most of the colors had been sold out. All that was left were solids (and what's the point, really) and self-striping in browns *Toasted Almonds).

Don't get me wrong -- browns have their place, but it wasn't my top choice.

So I watched as the grains of sand slipped thru my fingers. Sigh.

I'm hoping that Ground Hog's Day didn't translate into 6 more weeks without yarn for me.

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