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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well hubby got the photos from his camera downloaded so here are some shots from the "Knit/Crochet Out 2009" of the kids ... well okay photos of just one kid turned out.

I've never used hubby's cell to take photos so I was very glad with the Photo with Blue & my youngest turned out -- what a cutey.

My youngest son was enchanted with the giant sock monkeys on the stage -- me? I wanted to start knitting up the yarn on those balls -- I wish I had taken a closer look though ... they looked like they were made with giant ribbon yarn so I'm betting that it was really giant strips of knitting wrapped around styrofoam cores -- but can you imagine all the knitting just for a display?? Even if they had machine knitted it, it would have taken days to make just one strip for one ball - they had at least 5 balls.

Yes this is schmeered, its not your eyes or your computer -- I didn't realize that I had to keep completely still for so long after taking the photo ... oh well ... you can kind of see my youngest modelling her sweater & hat combo ... now if only I could remember the pattern number.
I did have a photo of my older daughter but the phone said it was full and couldn't save any more photos so when hubby downloaded, while we could see it on the phone it didn't transfer. Aw shucks.

And look who else we found there!! We didn't realize the Lion Brand mascot would be there, and I couldn't get any of the kids to stand by him either but he posed for me just the same.
What a good sport. he was gone later though when we finally stopped to get in line.
See it behind him?? We asked one of the ladies how long she had been there since she was almost up to the booth and she said 20 minutes! We opted to wait until after the fashion show to go thru the line, and I'm glad we did.
We went instead to Barnes & Noble (did I write about this here already, or was it one of my other blogs?) for a quick bite to eat in the Starbuck's Cafe - hey, if you have a B&N membership your discount applies there too - and split a turkey club sandwich 4 ways (they were very nice about it) and a drink for each.
Then we bought some books ... me an almanac, my son a comic book, my oldest daughter a romance novel and my youngest daughter "The Knitting Answer Book" ... and what do you know but the author of that very book was there to sign them in the hallway right by where the girls were modelling.
I was kind of hoping to get the autograph in the book before she got back to where I had been sitting, but they got changed out of their showpieces before I got done ... I had stood in line for 20 minutes when suddenly the author came up to us and said we didn't need to stand in line just to get an autograph!
She was very nice and asked my daughter a few questions ... and then she signed the book for her special! It was great! It will be a day my daughter should remember for the rest of her life.
What a day of memories --- all three of them said it was something they want to do every year from now on ... we will have to see how things work out.

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