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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Someone isn't adding up... - Florida Sheriff: Girlfriend of Missing 5-Year-Old's Father Took Polygraph:
"'We have nothing definitive to say where the child is based on the bloodhounds,' Hardy told reporters at a Thursday news conference.
He said evidence has been collected from the mobile home where Haleigh lived with her 3-year-old brother Junior, her father Ronald Cummings and Croslin — but declined to describe it."
Okay ... first, what the heck is this guy doing with a 17yr old girlfriend??? Now I haven't seen how old the father is ... but since the missing girl is 5yrs old, I would assume he is at least 20 yrs old. (probably more though).

second - I heard that the 17 yr old shared a bed with the girl, then on another station I heard it was the son ... but still - why share the bed?

third - the father said he made sure ALL the doors were locked before leaving for work ... giving one the illusion that for some reason he felt a need to make sure no one came or left the house, so the question is - why? why not just fix the door?

fourth - they had to force the door to close and lock, yet the father says that it was wide open. if the father locked them, then how did the door get open?

fifth - this reminds me so much of a case several years ago of a little missing kid who disappeared while the dad was at work ... maybe it was two cases being merged into one in my memory ... but the kid wet the bed, and the mother killed it (since I cant remember if it was boy or girl) while the dad was at work. When he got home they wrapped the kid in a plastic bag and put it in the car. then they called the cops to report the child missing. but then they dumped the body on the way to one of their jobs which was far away. The case was broke when the cops compared the milage of the parents car and noticed that it didn't add up to what it was supposed to be.
See each car has a little computer in it that records your driving habits (bet you didn't know that) and the cops can access it to see how far each of your trips lasts & how far you went, even when you excelerated and if you were going up hill or down -- shhh don't tell anyone.

I'm hoping she is alive .... but I'm not going to fool myself.

I think the father feels the girlfriend was involved in this too. I'm wondering if the reason he felt the need to lock the doors wasn't because she had another boyfriend coming by.

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