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Friday, February 20, 2009

That's it Bog them down ...

Education News: How much homework? Broward County School Board approves homework guidelines for students, educators. Too much homework:
"FORT LAUDERDALE - The Broward County School Board is giving a new assignment to teachers for the upcoming school year: Take care when you're handing out homework.

The School Board on Wednesday unanimously approved homework guidelines that urge teachers to assign academically challenging work while also being considerate about not assigning too much homework.

While the policy doesn't stipulate time limits for homework, the district's guidelines suggest 10 minutes of work for each grade level. A first grader's assignment would take about 10 minutes to finish, while a high school junior's total homework load would take 110 minutes."
So now teachers will have to get together and actually talk about what assignments they are going to give the kids? Actually as a mom of 4, I love the idea of limiting the homework, I just don't see how its going to work out ... so much can go wrong.

I hope the Board is very careful how they word this because one comma in the wrong spot and those 12th graders could end up with - well if they are like my kids they have 7 classes a day - 14 hours of work a night!!

Yes - that's right, your child can join the wonderful world of stress, stress, stress.

Lets do the math shall we?

24 hours in a day
8 hours a day in school = 16 hours left
1 hour travel time/day = 15 hours left
14 hours homework = 1 hour left
8 hours sleep(min.)/day = -7 hours
1 hour for meals (min.)/day = -8 hours
1 hour on phoneor computer/day = -9 hours

hmm no time for play ... no time for excersize ... no time for family or friends other than on computer/phone ... and look they loose 9 hours everyday ....

that is 63 hours a week ... 252 hours a month ... 3024 days a year (for year round schooling)... so by the end of the year the kids will have lost a total of 126 days - they would have to have nearly another 1/2 year in order to get the minimum done for classes - and never really be 'kids'

remember these times didn't include if they have jobs either ... or in some cases, children of their own.

Here's an idea -- teachers should teacher during the day instead of checking emails ... and cut the amount of homework per night to 10 minutes per subject.

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