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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Things We Learn From Our Kids

Okay - a new feature .... mostly because I needed something for the weekend, but also because my kids are smarter than most adults I talk too .... or maybe I shouldn't say 'smarter' maybe just 'wiser'?

But today is pure knowledge related:

I/O switches ... you know those ones on most devices these days??

Before I took computer classes I thought they were the first letter of some foriegn language that meant 'On' & "Off" .... after I took computer classes I thought it was Binary Code --- O was unused or 'off' an 1 was used or 'on'.

Well my 12 yr old has a facination with robots and is looking at a bunch of books on how to make robots -- we have a crawl space between storage rooms and he wants to make a survelliance robot to go in first (we need to check for squirrel nests) with a camera -- well he thought that everyone understond what I/O was for ...

Here's the secret:

O = Off (duh)
I = Ignition

Sad part is .... my first major in college was Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics .... you would have thought 'ignition' would have occurred to me.

I feel so dumb this morning.

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