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Thursday, February 12, 2009

This doesn't surprise me ...

Lawmakers delay vote on bill charging obese employees more for healthcare WCBD: "South Carolina lawmakers have delayed voting on whether to charge obese public employees higher premiums in the state health insurance plan.

A Senate Finance subcommittee delayed its vote Tuesday. Republican Sen. Greg Ryberg of Aiken said he would be willing to rewrite his bill as a way to reward healthy residents rather than punish overweight workers." This is just making health care another tax really. And lord forbid that you aren't one of those CA pretzel thin models.

You know -- I don't know why they don't go after people with Bulemia & Anorexia the way they go after Obese people?

I mean .... they cost the tax payer just as much, if not more, than obese people. They have heart issues just like obese people ... they have other health problems as well ... and then there are the really skinny people who don't meet the standards of the two diseases but still they cause even more cost to the taxpayer because many of them are so underweight due to drug use.

why don't they go after them???

Oh no can't do that ... too many people in Hollywood would qualify.

This is just another form of institutionalized discrimination ... only politicos don't see it that way because they are into 'public image' ... I hope this bill dies.

This is horrid -- well did it become a sin just to live?

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