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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thought To Go

here's a bit to think about ....

in the 1960's a first class postage stamp cost $0.08 ... will go up to $0.44 in May. That is a 550% increase!!

Okay name ONE OTHER service that has gone up that much .... not even cars have gone up that much ... okay, maybe gas, but at least that price fluxuates -- once the cost goes up on stamps, it never comes down.

so where does the money go? Well we might think its going for equipment or workers but here's a few facts:

Post Master General
salary in 2007: $186,000
salary in 2008: $265,000 (that's about a 43% raise ... $78,000)
plus $135,000 bonus (total income of $403,000 ... although I guess he doesn't get his bonus until after he leaves the position)
his salary is capped at 20% of what the Vice-President earns [so what is Biden earning then? because I thought the president was making $400.000/yr? well the math is adding up to $1,325,000]{according to wikianswers: the VP makes $221,100/yr}

The postal service will lose about $6M this year, after having lost $3M last year -- how do they stay in business??? And why is this guy getting bonuses?
and remember that the post office facing such a 'budget crunch' that they need to cut back on the number of days they will deliver.
The post office is supposed to run solely from the money it raises from postage -- so that it is not a burden on the tax payers ... yeah right - you wait.

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