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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is Obama TRYing to Break The Nation?

Here's the reason I ask ....

Surely he has got to watch or at least get daily updates of Wall Streeet .... he has to know that everytime he comes out with a 'plan' the stock market tanks.

Does he stop, analyse his message to see if there isn't a better way of putting it out there? No he pushes on ... making people panick and pull even more money out of the Market.

And as the Market goes down, people panic and stop spending their money. People don't spend their money, and companies can't sell their goods so companies start to shut down their plants ....

businesses shut down, people go out of work -- do this enough and BOOM we are in another Depression.

So he had another speech last night (man have we ever had a President who loved the sound of his own voice so much?) ... and today the Market has been opened for 1 1/2 hrs and already it is down over 150pts!!

Already it is down to 7,199.02

I would not be surprised to see it go down into the 6000s today.

I forgot at what level of trading off it has to hit before it triggers the automatic shut down of the trading floor ... but I hope it doesn't happen today.

You would think that Obama would be figuring it out by now - that what he is doing is MAKING IT WORSE!!! And still people try to blame Bush for all this.

This is a Hell made in Barack Obama's image!!

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