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Friday, February 20, 2009

Top 5 Things NOT to Say At Work

Okay - so Fox News had a list of Top 10 things not to say at work, but they only had 5 (oh look, they know how to count) .... I have a few of my own but let's start with theirs:

  1. That's Not My Job

  2. I Don't Mind Helping You With That (with a fake/sarcastic smile)

  3. Don't Tell Anyone I Said This, But ....

  4. I Haven't Gotten A Raise, Ever!

  5. I Don't Have Time For That

My List:

  • I Could Do That (then apply for the position)

  • If You Ask Me (if your boss wanted your opinion they would have asked)

  • You're Not My Supervisor

  • I'm Getting So Sick of This (careful what you wish for)

  • the word 'Hate' in any sentence referring to the job or the bosses - it will get back to them.

  • I Just Heard ... (gossip is for off site, not in the work place)

  • I Just Taking A Break (if you have to explain it, its not break time)

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