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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My Way News - Bill would require paid Confederate holiday in SC:
"COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A black state senator is pushing a bill that would require South Carolina cities and counties to give their workers a paid day off for Confederate Memorial Day or lose millions in state funds. Democratic
Sen. Robert Ford's bill won initial approval from a Senate subcommittee Tuesday. It would force county and municipal governments to follow the schedule of holidays used by the state, which gives workers 12 paid days off, including May 10 to honor Confederate war dead. Mississippi and Alabama also recognize Confederate Memorial Day."
Okay on one hand, initial reaction is 'why'? After all they just had that big hoo-doo down in GA to get the "confederate" flag outlawed, even though it was never really the Confederate flag, people just associated it with the south (it showed up as part of a naval flag used during the war)... now a senator in SC wants to honor the dead of a group which worked towards the over throw of our government and want to keep slavery as a way of life (although I've mentioned it before, slavery was one of the last reasons for the civil war).

On the other hand, you have to wonder if you could really consider them treators ... after all, the government itself did not try these people for treason. And it is a black senator which is bringing it forth ... and you have to admire the determination that they fought - I mean they were fighting a war they couldn't win, because most of the world wasn't going to support them out-right ... even when it looked certain that they would lose they fought to the end. You have to kind of admire that.

And then there is the issue of ... well, the role the southern blacks played during the war .... you can't convince me that only white men died on the Southern lines ... I don't know if they had actual regiments like they did in the North, but I'm sure there were several who fought & died who have never gotten their due over the years.

It is an interesting concept. But somehow I doubt that it will see the light of day ... I'm sure the US Gov will overstep its boundries and squash it down.

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