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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Holding Out Hope

Recount trial: Judges rule thousands of ballots can be considered:
"Nearly 4,800 rejected absentee ballots may be reconsidered in the U.S. Senate recount trial, after the presiding three-judge panel issued a ruling today defining boundaries for the proceeding.
The court granted Democrat Al Franken’s request to limit the universe of ballots that Republican Norm Coleman can seek to have counted, rejecting Coleman’s attempt to have about 11,000 rejected absentee ballots reconsidered"
Although Coleman should be wondering about it because somehow I can't see them allowing it unless they looked at the ballots and concluded that Franken will still win ... after all the state kept counting until the numbers had flipped, even counting votes that didn't actually exist and counting some votes twice.

Of course it seems about right that the only reason any of them are being counted is because Franken asked them too ... had it just been Coleman, the idea would have been dismissed out of hand.

But you know what? I haven't really seen a difference in our state with only one official there.

So here's the next question Minnesotans should be asking ....

when this is all settled .... will whoever wins get paid for this time that they haven't actually sat in office? They shouldn't .... no matter who it is .... because they have (a)not done the job to which they were elected and (b)technically there has been no representative to pay .... you have to wonder how much money this is saving the tax payer.

it will be interesting to see what kind of bill gets presented to the tax payer when this is all done.

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