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Friday, February 13, 2009

You've Got to be Sh!##ing Me!!??

House OKs $787B stimulus bill with GOP opposition:
"The plan is the signature initiative of the fledgling Obama administration, which is betting that combining tax cuts of $400 a year for individuals and $800 for couples with an infusion of spending for unemployment assistance, $250 payments to people on Social Security, and extra money for states to help with the Medicaid health program for the poor and disabled will arrest the economy's fall."
so out of $800Billion dollars (roughly) we are only getting a single payment of $800 and people on Soc.Sec. get a whole whopping $250??? What the F???

Gee, its a good thing they have that $80million for those MICE .... and that money for more lightbulbs in VEGAS! And yes, that Medicaid money will be eligible to the illegals who neverr paid any taxes (despite what they claim)

You idiots - and YOU ELECTED this fool into office??

Look .... see what the Dems have in store for all of you ....

I give you the Herbert Hoover administration:

"Hoover entered office with a plan for reform of the nation's regulatory system. A dedicated Progressive and Reformer, Hoover saw the presidency as a vehicle for improving the conditions of all Americans by regulation and by encouraging volunteerism ....

.... [Tax Cuts] combined with the sharp decline in incomes during the early depression, the result was a serious deficit in the federal budget ...

....Congress, desperate to increase federal revenue, enacted the Revenue Act of 1932. The Act increased taxes across the board, and the percentage increased with income, to near pre-1928 levels for top income earners. It also implemented a 13.75% tax on corporations.... rescue the economy was the passage of the Emergency Relief and Construction Act which included funds for public works programs and the creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) in 1932. The RFC's initial goal was to provide government-secured loans to financial institutions, railroads and farmers. The RFC had minimal impact"

Hoover was in term when the Depression came into full fluition ... and in case that doesn't strike a chord with you. Remember this quote next time that Obama brings up Roosevelt's name (comparing himself with out actually coming out and doing it):

" ... Franklin D. Roosevelt blasted the Republican incumbent for spending and taxing too much, increasing national debt, raising tariffs and blocking trade, as well as placing millions on the dole of the government. Roosevelt attacked Hoover for "reckless and extravagant" spending, of thinking "that we ought to center control of everything in Washington as rapidly as possible," and of leading "the greatest spending administration in peacetime in all of history." ..."

Mr. Roosevelt -- Meet President Barack Obama, truly the Greatest Spending Administration of all time, at peace or at war!!

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