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Friday, March 20, 2009

Balancing the Nation's Check Book

Okay - so now in order to straighten out a small (well, relative-ly small) financial crisis caused by, really, loose Democratic lips during the campaign ... and Obama's own panic rhetoric during the first months of his Presidency ....

We learn today that we are even worse off than we originally thought. By ONE TRILLION more.

Well, part of it is because the Obama people predicted that by 2010 the economy will have jumped up by 3%, where what they call Blue Chip forcasters are predicting only a 2% jump -- due mostly to the fact that, hey, there isn't much confidence in Obama's plans
(oh who are we kidding ... they are Pelosi's plans - she's got her hand up his butt and is working the head)

but if the Blue Chippers are correct the small difference over time will widen (like a wedge of pizza) such that by 2012 the projected deficit by Obama will be off by $2.2 TRILLION!!!

Then to make it all worse -- taxable incomes dropped in Feb&Mar ... that means that they are not getting the income they need to pay down the deficit (hey didn't I warn about this?) ... so they are considering lowering the tax levels.

Guard your pockets!!

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