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Friday, March 20, 2009

Things that make you go .... Hmmmmm.... UPDATED

Okay - so I'm watching Fox news this morning and they had this blurp about some award that Obama is supposed to be getting today ....

He is being presented with an award from the National Newspaper Publisher Association (hey aren't they seeking gov. money to save newspapers like they did the banks??) for the "News Maker of the Year"

But the ironic part --


Now everyone should be going "hmmm, that's weird"

Wouldn't you think they would want the media there for this?
After all they are the ones giving the award?
You would think they would have insisted on there being press there -- but then if the award was being given as an incentive to fork over some stimulus money to the newspaper industry ...

I could see where they wouldn't want any mass media there.
Some media WILL be there.
Some interesting facts about the award and who is giving it:
The award is being given by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, which is an organization of African-American community Newspapers *they are not the group I thought they were*... they will ONLY have representatives there.
This kind of explains why the other media wasn't invited, but once they found out about it they should allow any media interested to attend.
I think this is a great mis-step for the President, on two accords.
One ... he is the President of ALL Americans, not just groups of people - to accept an award from a particular group will fuel the fires of discrimination ... we don't need that.
Two ... he needs to stop 'campaigning' to the American people and act like a President and knuckle down & get to business! He isn't a Senator any more -- he has some serious crap going on that needs his attention ... stopping for awards, traveling the country, appearing on talk shows ISN"T DOING YOUR JOB, DUDE!!!!
(oops - off on a tangent again)

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