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Monday, March 02, 2009


Okay -- I've purposefully been hanging out on the pause button on my tv today -- so that I can mark how the DOW goes in a short time.

At 20 minutes before opening bell the bench mark was 7062.93 (msnbc is predicting that it will drop below 7000 shares -- good thing Obama stepped in, huh?)

okay just after opening bell it fell below 7000.00 ... the first time in 10 years (yes, 10 yrs puts it just before Bush took over for his first term)
Just as the bell went ding -- the down instantly DOVE , took a nose dive

- 111.98 or 6950.95 shares and DROPPING

in less than a minute it dropped to - 124.49 // 6940.11 shares
at two minutes = - 138.97 // 6928.96
at five minutes = - 144.48 // 6918.45
at 10 minutes = - 101.95 //

nearly 1 hr in = - 172.76 // 6890.17

The President is planning a $ 3.5TRILLION budget and now he is setting up an "Us vs. Them" stradegy to things .... OMGs!

He is doing EXACTLY what he preached against when he ran for office -- and the Dems are following without stopping to realize it.

Maybe they are too close to the game ... or maybe its what they wanted all along and now its showing ....

this is getting scary ....

its like germany 1937, I swear.

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