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Monday, March 02, 2009

Looney Limbaugh

Okay first --- Limbaugh doesn't speak any more for all conservatives than Rev. Wright or Louis Farrakahn speaks for African Americans. We all have our nuts.

Second, I think Limbaugh is getting ... well while not totally misquoted ... he's getting 'sound snipped'. That is they are trimming down the clips just enough to make what he says sound a lot worse than it really is ....

" ... I want Obama to fail .... " is the quote

clips show Limbaugh loosing his thought - varying from his speech - looking like he has gotten so caught up in his 'hate speech" that he can't function.

One large clip comes in on Limbaugh comparing what he says to what the Liberal hosts had said all thru Bush's term without sanction ...

" ... they hoped George Bush failed; so where is it .... what is so strange about being honest and saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? Why would I want that to succeed? .... "
Even the hostess said in her intro that Rush said he wanted Obama to fail ....

Well, not quite .... what he wants is for him to fail IF .... IF is a very big word, ask any kid who had an IF attached to a deal with their parents (you can borrow the car IF... you can go to the mall IF ....)

the Liberals are focusing too much on the word 'fail' and not on what it is that the Conservative side is upset about.

I really hate this hostess ... she let her liberal guest make a point and wouldn't allow Pat Buchanan (another one I don't think speaks for the Conservative base) rebut what he said.

C'mon --- this is the same old tactic that the Liberal media has always used --- ask a question and then trim the answers to fit what you want. Isn't that what McMarthy did too? Didn't he only see the bit he wanted and ignored the rest?

Don't get me wrong -- I think Limbaugh has gone over the edge and is just getting worse -- I am no big fan of Limbaugh or Liddy or O'Reilly .... BUT the media, liberal or conservative, needs to start reporting things from a NUETRAL vantage point again ....

otherwise - its COMMENTARY, not NEWS .... it should be presented as such .... and the stations which carry it as 'news' should have their credentials YANKED.

That means Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, etc.

One thing I will say about Rush & the others conservative hosts -- they never hid that what they were doing was Commentary. Unlike Obermann who likes to make his rants seem like 'news reporting' ....

rolling my peepers.

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