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Monday, March 02, 2009

Finally the Liberals are seeing the Light

Okay so MSNBC - yep watching them quite a bit this morning. They are discussing the following quote:

" ... We are totally unprepared for this new phenomenon. We have safety
nets for the chronically unemployed, for the fast-food workers let go, and for
the manufacturing plants that have been shuttered. The stimuus will create
construction jobs galore.

But we have nothing for the tens of thousands of
displaced advertising creatives and newpaper writers and editors that are among
the newly unemployed. They can't build roads -- all they learned how to do
was to write ads and draft editorials. Mark Penn, WSJ

HELLO!!! Now isn't that what I've been saying???

Isn't that what we've been hearing from conservatives?

Not only are most of the jobs 'created' by the Spendulus Bill not going to exist for at least a year ...
Not only will they only be temporary ....
Not only will the majority of them required UNION membership ....
BUT only a few people in the nation will actually qualify for them on a skill level.

The rich are getting some help (at least for now, the ax is falling for them here soon)
The working poor are getting help (and I'm not saying they shouldn't)
But the Middle Class - the ones who Obama was supposably doing all this for - is getting the shaft.

Although I have to say -- I think if they hang on they will find by June 2009 that people will be getting back to the paper for their news ... not so much because they will get a better product, after all let's not kid ourselves here - news in the paper is already 24 hrs old - but because people aren't going to be able to pay for the electricity to run those new digitally capable televisions. (different subject ... must stay on point .... must stay ... on....point)

It is not just newspaper editors who are being left out in the rain though .... its the computer engineer ... the licensed day care teacher ... the small business man ... the statistician ... the farmer who can't sell his crop .... these are the people who are in trouble too.

How can the average American try to inspire their child to strive to go to college -- remember Obama said that jobs needing a college degree is where the future lays -- when the average famiy will never qualify for any of the programs to send their kids.

Obama is killing the Professional middle class with these moves --- he is making a nation of haves & have-nots --- he is creating the very thing he claims he doesn't want.

Lets get this clear ---

the Stimulus Bill is NOTHING MORE than "Re-Distribution of Wealth" wrapped with a bright shiny ribbon.

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