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Monday, March 02, 2009

Oh Really???

Okay -- so does everyone remember the jest of the Dems wanting to have the Fairness Doctrine re-instated?? It was that there were too many Conservative radio show hosts....

Well this morning I was watching MSNBC (see? I do watch more than just Fox!) and they were talking about Rush Limbaugh -- I guess he said something about it isn't all that strange that he would like Obama to fail (I can totally see it) ... but one of the 'experts' that they had on said straight out

"radio is a dieing media .... its so 90's ... it doesn't have a lot of time left"

only - the host of the show has her own RADIO SHOW where she was taking quotes from for the clip!!

Yes she took offense to the statement and kept teasing him about it ("...which he said on my radio show, which I guess isn't long for this world since its supposed to be dieing")

So funny!

If its a "dieing" media -- then why is the DNC so worried about it???

satellite radio is a dieing breed you Brain Trust! Free wave radio is thriving == as far as talk/news radio goes ... for music, yeah that one is rough - iPod/mp3 have really taken the wind from their sails.

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