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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey their reading my blog!!

Administration: Changes May be Needed in 90-Percent Tax on AIG Bonuses - First 100 Days of Presidency - Politics
"White House economic advisers said Sunday that President Obama won't 'govern out of anger' despite calls for the heads of AIG executives who received bonuses, and acknowledged that using tax law to get back $165 million in government-funded bonuses may be 'a dangerous way to go.'"
no crazy piss! You bet it is a dangerous way to go.

Not just because its totally reactionary ...
Not just because its totally discrimatory (and it is) ...
not just because its totally unconstitutional ....
not just because it totally makes the President look like a 'finger in the wind' type of guy

But also because it couldn't work anyways! They can't impose a tax retroactively - that is blatantly against the Constitution and against everything our Forefathers fought for.

Either that or they realized that it would leave all of them open for the same penalties since they also work for the government and receive federal funding ... and after they retire and continue getting benefits, they will still be eligable for these extreme taxes.

If you don't think that their own interests aren't behine their sudden 180 ... you dumber than you look.

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