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Friday, March 27, 2009

Phantom Tollbooth

So this week TCM had an evening of cartoons that all had the director in common (sorry off hand can't remember his name) .... did a bunch of bugs bunnies & marvin the martian & pepe le pew (I remember, its Chuck Jones) ....

Anyhow, I had always heard of but had never seen "The Phantom Toll Booth" so I was quite excited when I saw they were going to be showing it -- so I set the DVR to grab it .... and grab it it did ....

I didn't get to watch it until today -- and all I could think of was 'what a rip off' .... not that its a bad movie (it is done in that horrid late 60's style) but because I'm looking at it going -

Hey that looks like Max the dog from "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" -- hey it IS him, just fatter and bigger

Hey that kind of looks like the Grinch -- it IS him, just a different color and the weight shifted around a bit.

(sigh) I'm just glad I didn't see it as a kid .... I would have been so disappointed.

It was little more than a re-do of characters of Dr. Suess movies -- even the background had a very suesseque feel to it. Although the story line had that seussy feel --- could it be that this is based on a Suess tale that I didn't know of?

Could be.

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