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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Hidden Costs

okay -- so I'm watching Fox last night and they start talking about how the taxes and economic policies of the President are going to effect everyday life .... most importantly to the poor ---

How it will effect Utility Prices

Now didn't I just talk write about this???

Here's the info they shared:

The President's plan to fine traditional utility companies for carbon emissions will drive up prices not just on utility bills ... but also on food & goods as businesses will have to pay more as well - essentially being charge twice for carbon emissions (once on their bill, then again for their plant usage).

Basically it will charge the industry (utility industry) $65BILLION/yr for current activity -- yes that means that he will be imposing a NEW tax on OLD usage.

The President himself admitted that under his plan that utility costs would 'necessarily skyrocket' (his words) ... and there is even a bigger cost initially not just because of the taxing of the utilities but the cost of retrofitting their plants would be passed on as well -- and no, that will be far from cheap.

So for people who have already seen their utility bills go up 150% over the last few years they can expect it to go up at least another 200% over the next 2 yrs. (well the first 2 yrs of the passing of the program)

the conservative estimate was $700-1400/family/year!!! That will be between $50 - 100/mo! I don't know about you, but that adds up quickly. And I don't know how things work in your state, but in ours they can tack on 'anticipated' charges until the legislature gets around to slapping their wrist and saying 'no' ... meanwhile they have used the money interest free, have charged taxes on it, and don't need to give it all back at once - they get to trickle it back to you.

The President figures he can use some of the new taxes from the utility companies to help those of 'modest income' to pay for their higher bills (its just too bad that most middle class families won't qualify for it any more than they do for the child-care credit or the medical-costs tax deduction) ... safe thing to say.

BUT there's a catch .... the tax break that this group in enjoys now? It will be gone - used to off set the cost of the new tax cut. (oh look -- robbing Peter to pay Paul .... seems to be the main mantra of the Obama policies)

And don't even think about it if you earn $75,000 or more ... remember upper income isn't supposed to start until $250,000 .... basically those who are professionals get screwed over completely. The administrations theory? Just change your energy usage.

YEAH -- easy for them to say when people really don't have a choice. You can't have a wood burning stove in most homes (oops that's a carbon maker isn't it) ... many apartments/houses don't have a wood burning fireplace for heat (oops there's those emissions again) ... I know - televisions ... oh wait ... the new HD tvs suck juice even when they are turned off - that won't work ... hmmm. Turn your thermostat down to 55F in the winter (never mind the pnuemonia, Universal Health care will pay for the dr, remember?) and 90F in the summer (heat stroke? its all in your head).

I've got a quote for you all ....

"Here we are wasting away in Obama-Ville. Hunting for our lost shaker of rebates ...."


Loved the quote by the White House Budget Director (Peter Orszag) on the objections to the $634 billion downpayment for Universal Health Care .... I think he should have thought about it a little more and found something more appropriate:
" ... None of this is going to be easy, but as the country music singer Toby Keith once put it ....' There ain't no right way to do the Wrong thing ' ...."

Yeah you read that correctly -- he basically admitted that the way they are doing it is WRONG and it could even be read as he is saying that Universal Health Care is WRONG!!!!

Betcha none of the comedians will jump on this one the way they would have if it were a republican that said it about a Bush plan.
Then there's the 'special funding' in the Stimulus bill.
More things we didn't know ....

During the campaign Obama promised that he would allow 5 days of public access to bills before the were voted on so that people had time to get a hold of their appropriate representative to express their opinions and to allow the reps to actually have time to read it ....
yeah right -- he shoved this down our throats before we even got our mouth open.

The democrats feel that letting the people read the bill for 5 days would be 'irresponsible' (Barbara Boxer, CA) .... that people might actually say 'no' to their plans - gee, I thought that was the purpose of a democracy, to give the people a say?

The Presidents position? Pass something by Friday (so government agencies can stay open --- lets have them shut down for a while and see how much we save!)

The Democrats killed a bill that would have FROZEN SPENDING at last years levels (you know when the Dems said Bush was spending too much?) ... the author? McCain - you don't think politics had anything to do with it do you? Never let it be said that the Dems never let politics stand in the way of good legislation.

Some of the stuff he wanted to curb?

$1.7 million for studying Pig Order in Iowa
$2 million to promote Astronomy in Hawaii
$?? termite research (yep, they eat wood)
$1.9 million for a water taxi service in Conneticut ... Conneticut? my brother lived there, why do they need a water taxi service? sneeze and your thru the state.
in the stimulus bill there are 7,991 earmarks = $5.5BILLION plus $6.2BILLION for 'pet projects' that were attached to Homeland Security/Defense/VA bills last year
Some of these project doubles up the money that they got in the last spending bill.
It raises the spending budget by 8%, or twice the rate of inflation.
What else is there?

$200,000 for tattoo removal in CA
$238,000 for the Polynesian Voyaging Society (Hawiian yacht club)
$1.7 million for honey bee research (okay this one is kind of important ... we need bees for ag to grow)

Next year the Dems vow to keep the pet projects to <1% of the total budget ... sounds good, until we see what the budget is going to be ... that is actually a scary thought when looked at that way!!
Obama will take away a Doctor's choice not to perform a procedure they have a moral objection too.

That means if you are a Catholic doctor, you have no choice you will have to perform abortions ... or give birth control ... infact you will be regulated to tell young kids about birth control well before they even get to the age of where they might possibly need the information.

It means that people's TAX MONEY will be going to fund medical practices that they have a moral objection to ... if you are Muslim, yes you will pay for your daughters to be taught to use birth control -- they will be taught about alternative forms of 'sex'.

It means, parents will no longer have a say in what is being taught to their children ...


I refuse to learn to goose-step or pray to my national leader.
Okay so yet another nominee is being investigated for tax fraud -- imagine that -- he makes #4 -- the Nominee for US Trade!!

I actually heard about this a couple days back but decided to let it slide until I got a few more details ...

He is a former mayor of Dallas, TX
He is being allowed to file 'ammended' tax returns (2005, 2006, and 2007) to cover his ass
He owes nearly $10,000 in back taxes (no mention of penalties)
why? he handled speaking fees which he says he donates to a scholorship fund at his former college
and the FULL COST of season tickets to the Mavericks basketball team
Plus he donated a television but claimed full price on the deduction even though it was used

Don't worry -- where we would do jail time, or at least get fined .... he gets to become a member of the government.

But what's more dangerous is the cabinet members making policy for the President ... before talking to him about any of it to find out where he really stands.

Like Holder who said the President would be seeking a ban on all assault weapons -- but the White House was unprepared to deal with the announcement ... who passed the buck to the Justice Dept. ... it also sounds like Pelosi is against it saying there are laws on the books which can deal with it right now.

or LaHood saying that there would be a tax based on mileage driven ... press sec. Gibbs shot that down as fast as he could. To which Oberstar (yeah he's a dem from MN, sorry) said that White House Policy isn't going to be written in the press room .... in otherwords, get ready to have your odometer checked every year and a tax put on it!

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