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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hmmm, was wondering ....

Wow - there had been a virtual 'news black out' on this subject lately .... not a lot of stories .... nary a mention on the radio .... oh but look now that Franken is getting his say, suddenly there is coverage again.

am1500 KSTP : Minneapolis/St. Paul The Radio Home of the Minnesota Twins:
"Coleman's side finished calling witnesses Monday before 2 p.m. Attorneys for Coleman and Democrat Al Franken met with the judges in chambers to discuss the transition.
Franken's team will begin to make their case Tuesday at 9 a.m. Coleman's team has attacked the recount process that gave a 225-vote lead to Franken. They've given particular attention to the differing ways counties handled absentee ballots." This
is a very legitimate concern actually -- but as unfortunate as it is, Coleman has to play by the rules of the game when he started ... and the rules at that time said -- okay, were interrupted by the Democratic canvassing board -- that each county could decide their own standards for counting a ballot or not.

Not just the absentee ballots but those of the recounts as well.

Then there are those missing votes in Hennipenn county which were counted anyways (still say they would never have been included had they been in Coleman's favor) ... and the spoiled ballots which were counted twice ... and the ballots which were obviously for one candidate but counted for the other (this happened on both sides) ....

but then ....

the country is so screwed as it is .... does this really matter anymore?

Now it has simply become a matter of principle --- and no -- there still has NOT been an investigation of the mystery votes which showed up in one sparsely densed county which 'triggered' the recount.

why does this remind me of a movie?? It had Chris Farley in it I think .... he's the brother of some politician .... so they give him some meaningless job on the campaign but instead he uncovers corruption galore?? Something about registration rolls???

Yeah --- I think someone has GOT to check out the registration rolls up there ....

Somehow I can't see there being that many people living up there .... the area is known for having towns with populations in the double digits ... and even those are far far between - some places can only be gotten to by boat or atv.

no -- something just smells absolutely fishy.

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