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Monday, March 02, 2009

Review: The Marine

well okay -- its not exactly a 'review' .... I caught the last bits on FX network and had to write about the stupidest scene I think I have ever seen in a movie ... and trust me I've seen many.

So this former Marine needs to rescue his wife from a group of bad guys -- there's the movie in a nutshell (main bad guy was the guy from Terminator 2, the Marine is some wrestler).

Apparently sometime before I got there he was caught by some drug dealers who think he's a cop so they have him bound to a chair ... meanwhile in the nearby woods/swamp the bad guys are trying to find a place to hide from the cops ....

In a totally unbelievable scene the Marine gets away from the drug dealers (reality check -- real dealers probably would have shot him before asking if he were a cop or not) .... but still this isn't the scene ....

Its after the Marine gets away and is going after his wife .... a police copter goes overhead and he starts to run headlong, full tilt thru the woods ....

he jumps over branches, downed trees, etc -- while carrying AN OPEN UNSHEATHED KNIFE!!! Big honking nasty thing that I thing even Rambo would have been afraid of .... oh yeah that's believable.

I'm sorry .... I think a Marine would know better than to run with an exposed blade.

BTW, his wife??? She played Kimber on "Nip/Tuck" - the former porn star who seduced, married, and bore the child of the son of the man she was going to marry but she got kidnapped on her wedding day and had all the plastic surgery reversed by her captor ....

yeah, this is her type of movie.

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