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Friday, March 06, 2009

A Leg to Stand On

Love my in-laws ... well okay, love my Mother in law like she were my own ... my father in law is like a close relative who cracks me up the same time as annoying me - kind of like a husband, all you married gals know what I mean. you love them, but its best if they are in a different room than you most of the day.

Well FIL is in hospital today ... he came in town yesterday with my MIL to see dermitalogist and they decided to take him to the hospital and have his hip rechecked because he was in such pain.

A couple of weeks ago he slipped and fell on his hip on the ice while going down to check on the plumbing in one of the cabins (I think I wrote about this), he had a bunch of stuff in his pocket so at first he thought the pain he was feeling was because he landed on a ring of keys and a bunch of tools.

Well a few days later he decided to come to town and had an xray done and they found he actually had hairline factors in the back part of his pelvic bone. Because of its location they wouldn't or couldn't do anything for him ... about all they could do was operate and put in a plate on the bone. But they felt that as long as he stayed off the foot as much as possible then it would heal within 6 weeks.

You can't keep my FIL in one place for too long -- he is art in perpetual motion ... I have to admire his stubborness.

Hubby took a half day to go down and be with his folks - I need to be here for the kids when they get home and get a spot ready for my MIL for the night if she decides to stay. If they operate, I'm betting she will.

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