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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss USA contest

Okay so I normally ignore the pagents .... I lost interest in them as a kid but I just felt the need to comment on the latest buzz ....

Miss CA's opinion on gay marriage ... first the purpose of the Q&A section is not so much for getting her opinion on things but to see how well she can express herself during interviews where she doesn't have an idea of what subjects will be coming up.

I have seen the video of the Q&A .... but not how some of the others had answered their questions .... but I thought she could have worded things better to express her opinion -- first off she kept saying 'in my country' instead of 'in my community' - because its obvious that in her 'country' not everyone views gay marriage as bad.

now if you have read my blog you know that I have nothing against gay marriage ... i just think you can't have it AND cohabitation laws too ... but I have to tell you, I can see where the contriversy is coming from.

This question just happened to come from a gay rights advocate ... and it just happened to go to the 'represenative' from a state that just voted down a gay rights admendment that would have allowed gay marriage in that state .... and it just happened to be the one catagory that cost her the crown ...

its enough to make you go 'hmmmm'

but the question is which was it that cost her:
her answer
or the way she formed her answer

the judge who asked the question later went on line and posted a horrid, horrid response to things ... hey freedom of speech aside, my understanding is that he called Miss CA some awful words ... that was totally uncalled for, and shows a biased that should have gotten him disqualified as a judge ...

you have to wonder how the judges get picked in the first place.

Now I did read that a number of questions are submitted ahead of time and ten are chosen and then five are 'randomly' selected as each of the five finalists get their turn ... but what a dang quo-inky-dink, hmmmm?

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