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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pea Pod Wine

Does anyone else remember the BBC import "Good Neighbors"? I think the original name was "Good Life"? on this show - they were eco-centric years before anyone else - the couple becomes completely self-sufficient ... well as close as they could get ... and part of that meant throwing nothing out and using things beyond their normal limits.

One of the things they made was Pea Pod wine ... everyone on the show would comment on how good it was -- well after they put their eyes back into the proper sockets since this stuff was so strong that everyone was knocked completely for a loop.

Well on the Today show this morning they "reviewed" ... that is they advertised ... an electric car called the Pea Pod. Its cute, looks kind of like a VW Bug with bigger windows and smaller trunk space.

I was rather excited about it ... it costs about 2 cents/mile to run and uses a regular 110 outlet (like you have in your house or apartment) no fancy charger necessary .... no having to go to a special station to get it. Cool.

It is supposed to be meant for short trips, like dropping the kids off at school, small grocery trips, etc. cool! I could go for that.

Maximum speed: 25 mph

WHAT?? Wait a minute ... so lets get this straight .... most city streets operate at 35mph unless otherwise marked, so if you use this car you will be going too slow causing driving issues (possibly getting a ticket - yes you can be ticketed for going too slow) - you could cause road-rage from people getting fed up with people making them late ... etc.

We live in an area where there simply is NO way to get to anything without going 55 mph -- there are no back roads or other access roads that could be taken to get to the store, to the high school, to the dr or dentist ... not with this car - it is IMPOSSIBLE under any circumstances.

they designed the thing to look like its smiling ... it was designed that way - what?

hey if it looks cute is one thing, making it look cute is kind of underhanded .... its made to 'trick' moms. The bug looks cute by accident, it was designed first and cute came after it ... not it was designed cute first and then focus on the rest came after wards.

Maximum miles/charge: 30 miles. well that's not that not bad.

Wait .... What?? so you can expect 1 hours worth of charge during the summer ... you can expect that to be even less during the cold winter months when you may find it unusable during extremely cold climates like ours where even cell phones take a hit in the cold.

charge time is 6 to 8 hours ... for 1 hour of power. It uses 6 batteries, and it is supposed to last 8 yrs (humm, wonder if they guarantee that? after all, car batteries and laptop batteries don't last as long as they say they should why should these ones?).

I hate the arrangement of the cable control - that is all the info I could get before the wrong button was pushed and the memory cleared out.

scary part of it all is --- this is supposed to be the new plan that Obama has hoping for. It will be released by Chrysler and should be out nationally by next year ... so one has to wonder if they are going to have to start lowering speed to match the cars anyways ....

why not just lower the speed limits now anyways???

oh yeah ... because people will find that going slower will save too much $ & lower emissions and then they won't feel the need to buy the 'new' cars which you can bet will be soon take the same path of digital television ...

that is, soon you will have NO OTHER CHOICE by the time Obama leaves office.

If the vehicles can match the performance of the gas powered machines - let them compete ... steam still holds the best bet in my mind with electric heaters to produce the vapor needed for power ... it would even use 'grey water' ... there of course is still issues with colder climates though.

maybe a car that runs on hooch?? at least the syphoners would be easier to smile :-)

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