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Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh look ... another faux pas

Who is giving this man advice??? I can not believe that anyone would have told him that this was a good idea -- is there a single photo out there of FDR shaking hands with Hilter? don't think so ... photos carry power in the political world ... a lot of power --


is NOT a normal handshake either.

This is one you give to a very close friend

THIS is nearly the equivalent to this :

No its not an exaggeration.

a super friendly handshake (did he great the British PM like that? I didn't see a photo of it) is the SAME as a political ENDORSEMENT

by giving Chavez such a hardy handshake, Obama basically is saying "good work, keep it up" without regards to the many human rights violations people have charged him with ... without regard to his having taken strides to becoming a dictator ... and with regard to his damning the United States of America.

Do I think Obama should have been a total cold fish towards him? no of course not - he is still due the courtousies due his rank .... but you don't greet him like you would your best bud from high school!

and if you think I am the only one who is reacting to this in an eye-rolling fashion here is a quote surely anyone would pay attention to:

"What he's going to say is that what he has been doing in Venezuela now has the seal of approval of the United States," said Otto Reich, who was ambassador to Venezuela under President Reagan. "He sees it as a green light to continue dismantling democracy in Venezuela."

Reich said Chavez is already using the handshake as propaganda and called the summit a missed opportunity by the Obama administration.

"What the president of the United States last night and today is trying to explain as a handshake, Chavez is already announcing as the greatest exito -- success -- in Venezuelan political history," he said.

All that came froma fmr. Ambassador .... someone who has dealt with the Venezuelan government first hand .... someone who KNOWS how shots like this are taken.

They can down play the looseness of the shake, the political fire-power surrounding it ....

but this is just another consequence of having someone in there with NO EXPERIENCE in diplomatic relations ... oh well, nothing we can really do now .... is there? We have him for President and we will just have to wait it out ... 4 years will go quickly - lets hope.

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