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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okay so I won't get my own show

I have gremlins in my kitchen today.

It started out very promising with some decent dyeing .... and went down hill from there. The yellow over-dye that I applied to the coffee colored yarn & extra dark blue to the bright blue I didn't want ... didnt hold - I mean they took the color, it just didn't do what it was supposed to.

the yellow I over-dyed on the onion skin mostly washed off after it had cooled and the yarn will have a very marled look to it ... some areas taking color more than others ... it will be intereesting to see the effect to say the least.

but I will not get that deep blue to brown gradiant that I wanted to look like birds wings ... now instead of ravens it will look more like bluebirds ... sigh ... but the brown looks more bronzey than coffee brown.

well all this is too bad but I can live with it, really.

The one that really killed all 'semblence of sanity was supper ... I had a bright idea to use the left over beef fried rice with the extra green peppers I got for potato salad -- I was going to make 'oriental' stuffed green peppers .... I made one for lunch and they were realy good.

My family isn't a big fan of peppers so I had three left .... figured that a half a pepper each would be okay. But I found that my peppers - all of them - had gone south. Since they weren't going to take long to ddo, I figured I could start late so ~ crap ~

I tried to pull up my computer quickly to find an alternative ... so I settled on quiche, its quick, easy and refriderator velcro (as Alton Brown says) .... but I didn't have pie crusts, just had to use cresent roll dough instead ....

first tube was fine ... second tube had this 'bits' of what looked like plastic in them - I've ran acrossed it before but decided that this time I had better call and let them know. Wouldn't you know it - no live person, just some stupid prerecorded message that was of no help at all. Even when it said 'if you would like to leave a message please wait' was no help because it just had a message with the hours instead of a way of actually leaving a message. ~crap~

luckily I had some that I had just picked up before Easter before I decided not to use them after all .... well good thing I had them because I needed them. so they made the base for the quiche .... put the rice in .... scrambled and mixed the eggs .... poured them on top .... put the mess in the oven for 1/2hr - that should be long enough right, and we would still be eating at a decent hour. well I've learned to check things 1/2 way thru so crusts don't burn - good thing cuz the top of the crust was getting too brown, so I topped it with foil.

wouldn't you know it - the top of the crust was cooked but the yolk was still raw and settling on top ... crap .... so I thought well I'll transfer it into my glass pan and microwave it .... 5 minutes yolks will be cooked.

do you know what you get when you put wet yolks in a bread crust?? dough ... crap ... the bottom of the crust was nothing but gooey dough. alternatives came to mind ... and of course poor daughter had to choose this particular time to start giving me crap for calling her up to help brainstorm an alterenative.

sent her for pizza -- by the time the quiche got out of the microwave it would be done if needed, if not - quiche could wait till tomorrow. no pizza. she brought up egg rolls. not what I wanted and it would need the microwave to cook ... crap.

luckily the quiche got done ... the bottom crust was done .... and it tasted ....

like crap.

but we ate it -- I think everyone was afraid not to.

nope -- wont see me on the Food Network anytime soon.

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