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Friday, April 24, 2009

How can they say this??

So some guy in SC burned some stuff in his yard (sounds like it may have been illegal on its own) and thought he put the fire out .... in fact he was sure he put the fire out.

But they are claiming that his fire started one -- 10 miles away?? How do this figure this one?

10 miles is an incredibly long way, even if the winds were high ... the chances of his fire being the cause is astronomical.

the wind would have to have picked up a hot ember ... lifted it up high enough to miss all the trees/houses/poles/etc along the way ... while still keeping the ember burning and alive in the upper atmosphere (where raindrops & snow form so it is really really cold) ...

and then the ember would have to land in the exact spot where the little bit of life it had left had the perfect conditions to ignite a raging fire ....

no I'm sorry

I think they are grasping at straws and hoping to blame just about anyone at this point ... I think they are afraid of the public outcry and blames like there were after Katrina .... I think they are connecting dots like a three year old.

HOW will they ever prove that this particular fire was started by this guy's negligent act .... it is all circumstantial at best -- I don't think they can do it.

and I have a hard time believing it.
(and yes, we have yearly bonfires on the farm so this isn't something I've read about, I actually have dealt with embers/winds/etc)

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