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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Dream Come True .... right into a nightmare!

Kirstie Kelly for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings - Bridal: "The Gown, The Slipper, The Kiss and The Prince. Under it all, every girl believes in the dream. So here is our tribute to fairy tale wishes and finding true love." Okay I don't know a woman out there that hasn't watched one of the Disney movies and connected with one that they thought (if only for a fleeting moment) how great the Princess' outfits would look as a wedding gown ...

I mean take Belle's Ball Gown and make it white with white satin -- lovely

or Aurora/Briar Rose's Birthday Dress in White & very light pink/blue satin/velvet (I would love it in velvet) with the sleeves and pointed sleeve ends ... oh to die for.

Jasmine & Ariel both had wedding gowns designed for them in the movies (or sequels) if I remember correctly ...

Snow White I think had a gown in the movie too -- its been a while since I've watched but I'm sure that she had one and kissed Dopey on the bald, wee head ... no, not that one.

So you would think that the gowns Disney is now charging up to $4000 would just smack of the film outfits right?

Awk - no. In fact most of them look like Maid-of-Honor gowns to me ... you know, those hideous things you put the MoH in so that your wedding dress looks fantastic.

And if you are looking for a Plus Size (those sizes that end with a 'W' for those who need slightly more give in the sleeve and a tad more room across the hip area) .... what Disney, or at least the designer, is calling "Red Label" you have hardly any choice at all.

Here's some examples:

Movie_________________One of the Designs(there are several)


Not to take from the designer ... but there should be something of a feeling of the Princess if you are going to attach her name to it.

Ariel/Little Mermaid

Um, there were 4 different dresses for this collection ...
This is the closest one I saw looked both Ariel & Mermaidy.
What is with that ruffle?

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