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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things that make you go "HMMM"

(FIRST - I do not believe these kids are guilty of the crimes they are being charged with ... I do believe the families are suffering unnecessarliy ... I also believe that if it weren't for politics, they would be free now -- this post is PURELY about another article I saw and nothing about the students themselves)

Okay so I saw this photo on the Fox News webpage with the words "Do They Look Like .... SPIES?"

Ummm ..... Hmmmm

I think that's the point!

You don't use people who look like spies ... what do spies look like any ways?

I mean really .....

Do they look like This:
Sean Connery as "James Bond"

or this:

"Spy vs. Spy" from Mad magazines

Or maybe even these:

cast from CBS series "NCIS"

Perhaps these:

James Coburn (Our Man Flint) and his bevel of babes
Don Adams (Maxwell Smart, "Get Smart")
Jamie Lee Curtis & Arnold Schwarteneggar ("True Lies")

Well of course not ....

You would want people who look like REGULAR people, who can blend in.

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