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Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting Shredded

you may have heard that last week they published emails from some of the big named scientists behind the whole global warming movement ... and how they admitted that the problem isn't as bad as everyone thinks and how they wanted to suppress data that showed the Earth is getting cooler and therefore counter-acting any effects seen thus far due to 'global warming'??

well this story doesnt end there ....

First some numbers ... the Global Climate Change Summit wants the world to cut 'green house gas' emissions in half, but 80% of the burden will fall upon bigger countries such as the US & Britian even though much of it is actually coming from 3rd world countries (and we aren't even talking toxic waste or trash).

but to make matters worse ... or maybe just more conveluted .... is that that most of the data that supports 'climate change' is GONE -- Poof!! -- amazingly after people began to ask for the raw data ... all of it ... collected in order to look at the real math behind it all ..

this is because one or more of the emails in question said to 'pad' the numbers so that they fit the global warming agenda.

another part of the issue is that the old data was gathered by old processes -- and are being compared to newer processes ... its kind of like comparing the quality of televsion of the 1950s to the televsion we have today - or watching the old programs on your HDTv, you can do it, but its going to be fuzzy & unsatisfactory.

but without the original data to look at -- there isn't any proof one way or the other ...

but it does make the whole thing suspicious.

that what happens when you attach your star to Al Gore!

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