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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Leiberman Foot in Mouth?

This will be interesting to see ... if you all don't remember Leiberman by himself, perhaps you remember him running as VP with Al Gore? or perhaps you remember him as the man who ran as an Independent because his party would not support him after he stood firmly behing Bush for going into Iraq? you might even remember him as the senator who got a 'firm talking to' by Barack Obama (after BO got the pres. nomination) for not voting along the Dem party line.

Now he is on "Fox News Sunday" saying very un-Democratic-party things ...

Like that the officer in Tx may have become an Islamic Extremist and that this was part of some terrorist plan (I don't think it was, I think it was from someone who was trying to get a 'section 8' to get out of going overseas) ... the thing that makes me sad is that he keeps calling it "the worst act since 911" ... not so sure of that either.

while he does agree that health care needs to be reformed, he doesn't agree with the 'public option plan' and he is afraid of the debt - he feels that people just can't afford that part of it and that it will send the country into a deeper recession than Bush ever did, in fact by the way he was talking he thinks that it will send generations of Americans into a recession -- geez!!
That's not a 'recession' that's the USSR in the 70's and 80's where they didn't even have bread on the shelves and you were lucky if you had a room within an apartment to yourself.


But I'm thinking that he will be getting called up 'to the hill' and given another firm chatting to by BO & NP!

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