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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Numerology Class

Okay - some of these are fairly new, some of them are old -- all of them are interesting (at least to me)

$2.74 Billion (although graph showed million) amount of money refunded in phony holiday returns

$410.000 spent on shower for French President Sarkozy's shower (which he didn't use, btw)

$2.2Million money spent to see Michael Jackson's movie "This is It" (why??)

4200 number of jobs claimed to have been created by Colorado company with the stimulus money - truth is, it was actually less than 1000FTEs (Full Time Employees, by hours)

130 number of jobs a Florida company says it saved by using stimulus money - but it really gave existing employees pay raises (no jobs reported being made)

37 - number of violations & ethic charges Gov. Sanford (SC, remember the guy who went to South Amer to visit his mistress on the taxpayers dime?) has been charged with by the NC Attorney General ... who is running against Sanford in the elections. (the AG refused to recuse himself from the case)

2 - number of hours more per day your child will watch tv in a 'home based' day care than a 'center based' day care (I've been on both sides of this, it isn't how much-ita the programs they are watching) ... btw, they say kids are only spending 2-3 hours/day at home [this study looked at preschoolers only]

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