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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obama Time

Obama to Travel to Copenhagen for Climate Change Conference -
" President Obama will travel to Copenhagen to attend an international conference on climate change, White House officials told Fox News.
The president is expected to travel to the United Nations summit on Dec. 9.
There was some question as to whether Obama would attend. Congress has stalled on climate change legislation as it battles over health care, leaving the world body unlikely to reach a legally binding agreement at the summit, and instead aiming for political commitments."
Was there ever really any doubt that Obama wasn't going? I don't recall ever seeing a president travel so much in his first year ... hell the Royal family doesn't travel this much.

Don't let a little thing like the economy or BUDGET crisis stop you from spending the money to fly over there on Air Force 1 with all those Secret Service guys ....

But really how ironic is it that to get to the CLIMATE SUMMIT -- he is burning fossil fuels?! And not just him but all the dignitaries ... DUH!

Definately a 'do as say, not as I do' moment .... remember how it felt the first time your folks did it to you???

Please apply it to this situation as well.

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