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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things that make you go "HMMM"

okay -0- first lets remember that the Democrats who pushed thru the Health Bill, or are working to push it thru the Senate & down everyone's throats , have said that there will not be any 'rationing' of care under the new system.

What they didn't say was that instead of 'rationing' they will simply 'redefine' the term -- that is what this Congress/Administration seems to do best.

First it started with a group of doctor's saying that mammograms under the age of 50 yrs doesn't diagnose a substantial amount of breast cancer but it does cause several false positives - scaring woment - but then I heard this morning that women should also stop doing self-exams .... WHAT? Okay - I tend not to do them myself ... I can't tell the difference between a fatty deposit (normal, esp. if you've breast fed) and something else - unless its really firm ... I wouldn't know yet --actually I think they need to teach women what the difference is (maybe a falsy with a certain number of lumpettes in it and see if women can count them no matter the size) --

so now no mammograms until 50yrs old .... no more self-exams ... after 50yrs old, you only need a mammogram every 2 yrs ... hmmm. I don't know. Sounds like they are setting up so they don't have to pay for tests right now ...

NOW - to top all that off .... they have come out with a report that says that 49% of adults will be obese in the next 8 yrs. Hmmm, imagine that ... isn't that how long it will take for the Health Care system to go into full swing?? Remember that they are already blaming even the mildest case of obesity for a plethera of health issues, even things that you would never consider related to weight, what in the world will they do in 8 yrs?

I can see them refusing to pay, or paying less, for care of people who don't fit their charts of the 'perfect' person.

Now wait until they start bringing up health concerns linked to:
education level

You can bet that this is just a different way of doing 'Eugenics' ... oh, a shiver just went up my spine .... people keep saying that its reminding them of the 1930's lately .... and look its one more.

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