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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is WRONG with People????

So I'm watching the local news and I can not believe what I'm hearing ...

First some 18yr old was found stabbed Saturday morning ... well it turns out that he and his friend were trying to mug someone and they chose the wrong person - who defended himself and left him for dead.

Not sure who of feel sorry for .... the person who was being robbed or the kid that got stabbed.

In Tennessee some woman was walking thru Walmart when she saw this little girl standing there ... no one else around. She finished her shopping and noticed the girl still standing there ... so she went over to the 2 year old - too young to tell her name, too young to tell any information that could reunite her with her family - they put the girl in a cart and trucked her all over the store hoping she would point out her folks to no luck, the girl fell asleep in the cart.

they put the girl description over the speaker 5 times and still couldn't find anyone ... even searched the parking lot. They have no idea who this poor little thing is.

Surely someone must be missing her by now.

My guess is it was some desperate parent who felt they couldn't care for her anymore. We will have to see ... poor sweetie.


The Absolute Worse Story is a local one about a man who .... oh it is just awful.

This man was dating a woman who had a 10yr old son ... this guy burned the kid with a clothes iron when he wouldn't come out from under the bed ... so the boy tried to escape from the apartment, and according to the newscast the boy's mother pulled him back into the apartment where the man proceeded to whip him with an industrial extention cord -- if you've never seen one, imagine a rope as thick as your finger full of stiff wiring -- so the boy decided to hid in the oven where he wouldn't be seen.

well the man figured out where the boy was - and turned the oven on! OMGs --- you would think this guy would never see the time of day again wouldn't you?

NO -- he had to pay $2100 bail and was charged with a Gross Misdermeanor of 'Molicious Punishment of a Child' (hopefully it wll go up), he was told by the courts to stay way from the kid ... but dang it! You know damn well this isn't going to happen -- the only reason he got arrested was because he threatened to whoop on the child again in front of officers.

yeah you read that correctly - had he not threatened the boy in front of the officers, he would still be free.

How can someone do this?? How could that mother keep her child in that enviroment?

I don't understand people sometimes.

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