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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blizzard Update

okay - I promised I would up date you on the "Blizzard" that we were supposed to get ... they were predicting any where from 4 - 12" and even more in some spots down southern state.

First I started with finding a fixed point outside that would give a nice reference of the snow piling up or getting scoured down .... or dumpster is perfect.

Well this is what we got:
8pm reference point
midnight reference point
10am reference point
10am on cornfield
3pm after math
They cancelled school over this way - a rarity - but no reason was given as to why. The snow didn't seem to be that deep, although I have not gone out into it ... the kids did the shoveling and my son almost got frost bite on his toes ... but I can't imagine that it was so bad that the buses couldn't make it thru.
My guess is that the buses probably wouldn't start -- the wind wasn't too bad, nor did it get really cold until today but it wouldn't take much for the buses to get stuck if they hadn't put the covers on the radiator fronts - they probably weren't expecting much out of this like I didn't.
So hows the weather today?
Now that there is actual snow on the ground we are at -6F right now, with a wind chill of -20F (that's the new windchill, under the old way it would be about -40F the old way! here's a chart showing it) ... last week we were still in like the 40s & 50s ... what a change! And now its here for a while I'm sure.
bur its a hard snow -- there isn't much moisture to it. It is dry and hurts when it hits your skin - and with the winds acting up it is very easy for any exposed shin to not only get cold but get what amounts to sand-blasting by the snow.
And the worst is yet to come! Right now we are between 5-10 mph and gusts of 17mph or more ... sending the windchills to -30F to -45F depending on where you go to get the numbers.
Thats cold! Too bad you can't litter box train a Newfoundland -- she doesn't want to go outside today.

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