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Friday, December 04, 2009


Okay I don't usually comment on commercials on my blog ... but 1 had me laughing so hard this morning that I just had to call people's attention to it ...

Geiko ...

it opens with them reminesing about when the gecko first started working there in the mail room ... and it shows a scene where the little darling is putting mail into one of those sucky tubes - and then gets sucked up himself!

The funny part is that when I saw the letter go up I thought 'well that's total non-sense he'd be sucked up too' and then -boom- it happened ... but it looked so much better than what I had in mind.

For any one interested though on how the Gecko has changed over the years, here is a comparison of two commercials - firs the Original and then a newer one:

The Original (1999)

A Newer Commercial/Spot

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