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Thursday, December 31, 2009 - Obama Vetoes First Piece of Legislation - Obama Vetoes First Piece of Legislation:
"The White House on Wednesday said Obama exercised his right to send back to the Congress a temporary appropriations bill that lawmakers passed in case a winter storm about two weeks ago would have prevented them from approving a final to fund the Defense Department next year. The Dec. 19 blizzard didn't keep them away from the Capitol and they approved the $626 billion defense spending bill before the previous budget expired.
The White House described the move as a technicality that the president took out of an abundance of caution, and that it was his first veto."
Hmmm so let me get this straight --

He veto'ed a bill that they passed "just in case" ... so it was useless anyways??

OOOOOO - big accomplishment ....
So in otherwords - we are talking that they spent money to pass a bill that they knew would be cancelled anyways ....

That's like cancelling the dr's appt that you didn't really need but you made just in case you caught the flu ....

That's like taking credit for not saving money you didn't have ....

oh wait --- I forgot who I was talking about ....

this is the same party that credited Al Gore for inventing the internet and doing all that research on Global Warming ....

Silly me.

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