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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hogwarts Sock Swap 6

I'm up late -- watching "Post Man Always Rings Twice" and getting the first round of pattern stitch done for my partners socks ...

I kind of goofed the toe up ... but I like the pattern that was made :-D

There is some issues with where the pattern jumps from one needle to the next ... I have to keep the pattern loose so it offers enough stretch to get over the heel (tricky part when you don't have the foot handy to try it on) and by keeping it loose I am findng that there is some gapping.

I'm hoping that as I finish the sock I will be able to tighten up the stitches in those areas and 'hide' my little boo boo's.

Dumbledore said he saw himself in the Mirror of Erised with a pair of warm woolen socks .... I hope these socks will be worthy for even him.

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