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Sunday, December 06, 2009

It’s Obama Time!

Copenhagen starts tomorrow – Dec 7th (you know the anniversary of Pearl Harbor) and Barack Obama is going to go there and make promises that the US will get our emissions down to 17% by 2020 (based on 2000 emission ratings) … and down by 80% by 2050. China says that by 2050 they will take it down to 40% -- yet every 10 days …. EVERY 10 DAYS … every week and a half …. They open up a new coal burning plant in their country.

You also have to remember that China was part of the Kyoto Treaty (remember the big controversy because the US wouldn't be a part of it?) and pledged to start cutting there and that was over 10 yrs ago! Why can't people get this thru their heads – it was failed from the start …. China & India had/have no intention of following the same guidelines they want to push onto the United States.

Maybe they learned about the Global Warming fraud before anyone else did – perhaps we should look at their data, huh? I bet their scientists didn't shred it … oh wait … forgot who I was talking about here – of course it's shredded.

Analyists are saying not to expect a treaty to come out of this – at least not a good one. It can't be good if the countries making the majority of the pollution are only going to do a minority of the clean up.

Oh and while Obama is in the area, he will be popping over to get that Nobel Peace Prize … wonder where he's going to spend the money? Do you think he will donate it … sorry … "donate" it (after all he is a politician) … or do you think it's going to go into a 'blind trust' or a trust fund for the girls?

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