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Monday, December 07, 2009

Stupid Politician Tricks

Tim Pawlenty - you probably heard of him .... he did a lot of campaigning on the talk shows for John McCain ... there was even talk at one point of him being a VP candidate ...

well he has decided not to run for another term as Governor of our state (too bad too, he kept the Dem. state congress in check) .... but there isn't really a clear alternative to him - well he has done such a great job without toeing the political lines ....

In the void comes all sorts of people willing to take his place - but none so amazingly as RT Rybak .... the Mpls Mayor. He was just voted back into office last month - yep you guessed it, he used the mayoral-ship as a place marker ... there's a few things about Rybak that has me concerned.

In fact I had them listed here at least twice before -- but the main point is, I've always been glad that I moved out of that city before he got into office. He is not a very good administrator -- the City Council is running the show over there, he is just the guy who goes around making speeches and cutting ribbons (IMHO) ....

I don't know .... I think there isn't really ANY single political person in MN who would be a good candidate anymore .... Coleman can't go for it anymore - he seems to have lost his fight/bite ... Jesse has moved down to Mexico (at least part-time) and has lost his political mind - last I heard he is all for the Draft, which he 'opposed' when he was running for office ... Pawlenty has spent too much time in DC while the Dems ran the state budget over the top and he couldn't stop them ...

we're screwed.

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