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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Junk Food for your Brain

So after all these years of saying 'music has nothing to do with the problems' ... it looks like the music industry is actually starting to see how some music can be seen as harmful to our society ...

they are working on 'nutritional' labels for music now ... in fact the Boston Public Health Dept has come out with lists of songs/artists that they see as being 'healthy'/'harmful' torelationships:

_________Healthy Songs
1. One Time__________Justin Bieber_____40
2. Miss Independent____Ne-Yo__________30
3. Replay____________Iyaz___________ 25.5
4, Say Hey___________Michael Franti____ 25
5. Knock You Down_____Keri Hilson_______21
6. Only You Can Love___ Keith Urban______20
____Me This Way
7. Her Diamonds_______ Rob Thomas _____19
8. I'm Yours__________ Jason Mraz ______18
9. Fallin' For You_______Colbie Caillat_____ 16
10. Meet Me Halfway____Black Eyed Peas___15

___UnHealthy Songs
___song ___________artist _____score
1. Break Up+_________Mario______45
2. Blame It __________Jamie Foxx__32
3. Paparazzi__________Lady Gaga __27
4. You're A Jerk_______New Boyz___26
5. Baby By Me________ 50 Cent____25
6. Best I Ever Had_____ Drake_____ 24
7. One More Drink_____ Ludacris___ 23
8. Be On You_________ Flo Rida____22
9. Hotel Room Service___Pitbull_____21.5
10. Bad Romance______ Lady Gaga__20

Well I may not be 'hip' to the newer sounds these days - the extent of it is what I hear in movies and those "Now" albums - but I'm pretty sure no mother ever named her kid "50 Cents" (not even '4 Bits') or "Ludacris" and unless you are a Newcomer (watch the movie or tv series "Alien Nation" on one of the many online viewers) ... I really don't think your name is "Flo Rida" - the main character in "Alien Nation" is named Sam Francisco.

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