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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Numerology Class – Yr in Review

Stock market in review

Dow – Up 19%

Nasdaq – Up 44%

S & P 500 – Up 23%

But only after the government shoved in the money … so what will happen when the feds take the money back?

Loss 4million jobs

15 Million people unemployed in all

Massive increase of National Debt

Housing market tanked

Unemployment benefits have had to be extended twice …

They think interest rates will be going up … and up high


Taxpayers are footing the bill for GM lobbyists going to Washington DC as they try to get more $ for research on alternate powered cars.

Tim Carney, of the Washington Examiner, Chrysler is spending 99% of their money to lobby for the UAW union.

One union lobbyist has visited the WH over 11 times in the last few months.


58% of people polled supported water boarding of man arrested for the attempted bombing of a plane on Christmas Day

Interesting … no word as to who conducted the poll or how it was done.

He, the bomber, supposedly had a quantity of PETN in his underpants – like my 13 yr old son said, "Who would put a bomb there? That might, like, hurt!" … if you have ever watched McGyver you will know at least what 2 of those letters stand for …. Yikes! I'm thinking that Richard Dean Anderson is rethinking the whole deal – he was so against violence that he refused to let McGyver use a gun to hurt people …. I've got to wonder how he feels about these little creeps using the same science he had on his show. I know that he didn't 'invent' it, and it was all do able science, but you have to wonder if he thinks about it…


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