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Friday, December 18, 2009

Numerology Class

well not really - that will come after Christmas/Yule dinner when my father actually gives me the numbers ....

he crunched some numbers of how much health insurance has cost him since 2004, breaking it down by %-increase .... the highest being close to 52% and the lowest being 13% ...

then he punched in the numbers for what will happen if this health care bill passes ...

the health care costs for his business under the proposed health care bill will go up
+ 300%
yeah shocked the daylights out of me too ... it will put him out of business ... and he will not have an out .... there is no break for the 'small business' as they keep saying ... there is no break for employers who have employees already insured thru other sources ...

He will be forced into retirement or bankruptcy - either of which will not only break his heart but his spirit as well ...

Change ...

rmember, they never said what kind of change.

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