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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Samson vs. Goliath

Okay so I'm watching, and I read this yesterday but didn't comment on it, the news and there is this big deal being made over the 4-yr old in TX who has long hair and is also getting ISS (in school suspension) for not cutting it.

It seems this gal is being flambasted for not wanting to cut his hair (I saw one quote where they say he is growing his hair to give to charity ... don't think so) .... they are saying if she would just follow the dress code everything would be fine ....

I'm on the fence ....

on one side I agree that shorter hair would be easier for boys who tend to sweat a LOT during play and it can really pick up on the stink ... I prefer to keep my boys in shorter hair .... now.

On the other hand, I was pisssed as hell when I was forced to cut my 1st child's hair because the County Health Nurse who came into the day care felt that boys needed to have short hair and if I didn't she was going to call child welfare --- yes she did play that card over long hair.

So I was forced to clip off my baby's curls -- they were sooooooooo cute too, and they have never come back.

Here's my feelings:
1) they don't make little girls cut their hair, so this is sexual discrimination
2) the parents must have known the rules before they put their child in school
3) the parents are keeping the child clean so it is NOT a health issue
4) as in the 60's they should know that hair does NOT effect how well people do in school
5) the school is overstepping their boundries .... school's are to educate not dictate personal style

if it seems like I'm backing the parents on this one --- its because I am.

I think if this kid was dirty, stinky, filthy, unkempt, ratty, oily, etc they might have a leg to stand on ... but this kid looks totally clean, well cared for, groomed, and washed ... yes his hair falls into his eyes, but that can be pulled back (like the girls do) ...

I vote for Samson on this one.

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