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Monday, December 28, 2009


I hope the Obama administration is red-faced on this one ... it isnt even the fact that there was an attempted terrorist attack on Christmas day ...

its the fact that the same thing happened on the SAME flight just a couple of days later!! And the only reason that one of them didn't work was because the other passengers on the plane took the situation in hand ....


And then we aren't even counting all the suicide bombings that went on over in the Middle East this weekend ....

Do you think it has dawned on them in Washington yet that the world is seeing Obama as a WEAK President and that they think it will be easy to pull this crap off??

I heard something like 28 attacks have been prevented since 9/11/01.... no word if that that includes these two incidents nor how many of those have taken place under the Bush/Obama administrations .... I just think it would be interesting to know.

And then Napolitano has been getting slammed today for having flip-flopped over whether the System worked or not .... I guess when it first occurred she said everything worked the way it was supposed to (ended the situation once it occurred, Reactive) and then for this last one she said that things didn't work as intended (didn't stop it from happening ... Preventative) ...

I can see where it is a little bit of both, myself, so therefore no contradiction in my mind ... I mean, she's right this guy should have been better scrutinized - my husband had to pick up his last airline ticket at the counter and answer some questions because the same day he booked his round trip he also booked a one-way for his mother to the same city.

The guy they are talking about booked a one-way ticket from Africa t0 the USA via Sweden (no problem), only had one small carry-on (really I don't see an issue here, he's from a small low income nation - it might be all he owned for all we know) .... he also paid in cash (maybe he doesn't have a credit card or checking acct) ....

really all these things don't strike me as being "Red Flags" to me ...

Napolitano did comment that he was on a Watch-List of 500,000 names so its understandable that he may have been missed ....

Hmmmm .....

It may be just me -- but aren't people's names put into the computer who can check out these names in like LIGHTENING SPEED?????

I don't care if the list the length of the New York City phone book --- the computer should have caught this guy before he took three steps past the ticket counter!

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